Symposium on Sunflower and Climate Change

The International Symposium on Sunflower and Climate Change was organized in the frame of the SUNRISE project, by INRA Toulouse (Institut National de Recherche en Agronomie) and the French technical c...

In brief

In an unprecedented effort - 8 years project, investment of €21m, 16 partners including 9 public laboratories with a specific investment of INRA, 6 companies involved in sunflower breeding and the ...

The Project

In a context of climate changes and of world increasing demand for oilseed production, it is crucial to improve resistance to drought and yields of sunflower crops in such conditions. To improve ge...

SUNRISE partners develop international phenotyping trials

SUNRISE project requires large scale trials

In 2016, 9 trials were carried out on more than 8,000 plots, ie nearly 27ha. In order to obtain data from significantly different environments (climate, etc.), Maisadour Semences and Caussade Seeds carried out some of these tests in Romania.

2016 : 4 trials carried out on the NAM-DRR genetic device


2016 : 5 trials carried out in order to validate the GWA device


Expand international testing from 2017

In 2017, Syngenta will conduct a trial in Chile and Maisadour Semences will conduct a new trial in Romania. Devices continue to be developed in Eastern Europe in 2018 and 2019.