Symposium on Sunflower and Climate Change

The International Symposium on Sunflower and Climate Change was organized in the frame of the SUNRISE project, by INRA Toulouse (Institut National de Recherche en Agronomie) and the French technical c...

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In an unprecedented effort - 8 years project, investment of €21m, 16 partners including 9 public laboratories with a specific investment of INRA, 6 companies involved in sunflower breeding and the ...

The Project

In a context of climate changes and of world increasing demand for oilseed production, it is crucial to improve resistance to drought and yields of sunflower crops in such conditions. To improve ge...

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The external information letter of the SUNRISE project
July 2017


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We send you today this SUNRISE external information letter, which will allow you to follow the progress of the project.
This period is particularly marked by the publication of the sunflower reference genome in the scientific journal Nature.
Anne-Sophie Lubrano-Lavadera, SUNRISE project manager
Image Sunflower reference genome published in the scientific journal Nature

Less than one year after the decoding of the sunflower genome, in-depth analyses of said genome have revealed the hundreds of genes that work together to regulate flowering, and those that are involved in the production of oil. Carried out by INRA scientists within the framework of the SUNRISE project in the French Investments for the Future Programme, the studies were published online in the May 22, 2017 issue of Nature. These initial findings will help in designing the enhanced sunflower varieties of tomorrow, which will be better adapted to the inevitable changes in agriculture as it faces new environmental challenges, and in particular climate change.

Image Publications on genomic selection and crop modeling

Mangin, B. et al., Molecular diversity of sunflower populations maintained as genetic resources is affected by multiplication processes and breeding for major traits. Theor Appl Genet (2017) 130: 1099.
This study highlights, through the diversity of their molecular markers, the traces left by the selection and maintenance of cultivated sunflower populations.

Picheny, V. et al., Optimization of black-box models with uncertain climatic inputs - application to sunflower ideotype design', PLoS ONE 2017 12(5), e0176815. In this study, INRA researchers propose to address the issue of propagating climatic uncertainties in an optimization algorithm with a reasonable computational cost.


Image Project partners set up more than 6,000 plots in 2017

In 2017, the genetic design of 1,500 genotypes set up in the SUNRISE project is again tested in the field on 4 trials, with a total of more than 6,000 plots. In order to test those genotypes in contrasting environments, one of these trials was carried out by Syngenta in Chile (photo).


IMAGE Collaborations with two laboratories of INTA in Argentina

In order to pool our expertise, several collaborations are currently being set up with the Argentinean laboratories working on sunflower: the biotechnology institute in Castelar (Buenos Aires) and the genetic resources center for sunflowers in Manfredi (Cordoba).

Discover the video of Nicolas Langlade, coordinator of the SUNRISE project, at the National Institute of Agricultural Technology Manfredi (INTA, Argentina).

Imgae The SUNRISE international symposium "Sunflower and climate change" organized in Toulouse in February 2018

As part of the SUNRISE project, the international symposium will take place on 5 and 6 February 2018 at the Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques in Toulouse, FRANCE. The symposium is organized in 5 sessions: "Genome functioning and diversity", "Emergent pests and diseases", "Resilience and stability of production", "Predicting from local to global scales" and "Future of sunflower breeding".

Pre-program, submissions of abstracts and registrations from 15th of September.


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